The instrument is ideal for all isocratic methods in ion chromatography. The combination of high quality components provides a reliable system with low maintenance cost and excellent separation. Suppressor technique can be used to lower the detection level for components with very low concentration. The column thermostat enhances your separation and the reproducibility of retention time with controlled and stable temperature conditions.

Ionus Components

Pump – the double-flow pump head guarantees the high precision of the eluent flow rate. In combination with the pulse dampening unit, an almost pulse-free operation is possible.

Degasser – the integrated degassing unit reduces the time of eluent preparation and guarantees continuous operation.

Sample separation – columns with different resins and capacities enable the user to get optimal results with very high reproducibility.

Suppression – the automated anion suppression system is pressure stable resulting in a low signal/noise ratio. This guarantees detection limits down to 1μg/l.

Conductivity detector – very high sensitivity and a broad measuring range allow the determination of samples from trace analysis up to process water.