Aquinity² E35/E70

The systems are equipped with 35 l or 70 l storage reservoirs. The water can be dispensed directly from the reservoir. In Aquinity² E35/E70 models the water from the reservoir has a very high quality of <0.1 μS/cm and can therefore be used for less sensitive applications.

Also this high water quality prevents the polisher cartridge to be exhausted quickly. So for all labs which use more than 100l/day the Aquinity² E35/E70 is also an economical and ecological (less waste) wise decision.

All Aquinity models are available in different versions (Reagent, Analytical & LifeScience)


  • Permeate rate: 10 l/h
  • Resistivity: 18.2 MOhm x cm
  • Reservoir: 35 l or 70 l ; < 0.1 μS/cm
  • Flow Rate UPW: 2 l/min
  • TOC
    < 10 ppb (Reagent)
    < 1 ppb (Analytical with UV)
    < 5 ppb (LifeScience with UV and UF)
  • Endotoxins: < 0.001 EU/ml endotoxins (LifeScience)