Infinity NM18L - NM45L

These Generators are designed to be connected to an existing air supply and can cater for the requirements of LCMS, LCMSMS, Sample Evaporators, ELSD and NMR applications.

The Infinity NM range delivers performance and value beyond expectations. Offering a pure and reliable source of gas, these perpetual flow Nitrogen generators are suitable for a variety of applications in your laboratory.
Expertly designed by Peak Scientific’s knowledgeable Engineering team, the Infinity NM range will offer a single generator solution for analytical instruments. We are proud to provide gas generators with superior performance and a ‘world class’ after market service as standard.

Infinity NM18L - NM45L Nitrogen Generator

Infinity NM1818L / Infinity NM32L / Infinity NM45L

Nitrogen (L/min): Infinity NM1818L - 18 (L/min); Infinity NM32L 32 (L/min); Infinity NM45L 45 (L/min);

Inlet Air requirement (L/min): Infinity NM1818L 50 (L/min); Infinity NM32L 90 (L/min); Infinity NM45L 135 (L/min);

Min/max Air Inlet Pressure 125-145 pssi

Min/max Air Operating Temperature 5°C(41°F) - 30°C(86°F)

Particles <0.01μm

Suspended Liquids None

Phthalates None

Pressure Dewpoint -40°C / 40°F

Electrical Requirements 110-230V 50/60 Hz

Dimensions (cm/ins) WxDxH 25 x 17 x 76 / 30 x 10 x 7

Weight (kg / lbs) 13/29