Precision Hydrogen

  • Suitable for Carrier Gas and Flame Gas at trace detection limits
  • Proven PEM Technology to generate Hydrogen safely and reliably
  • Desicant Dryers to ensure high level of purity
  • Automatic loading pump as standard
  • Maintenance limited to replacing de-ionizer cartridge and silica gel
  • Short and easy start-up and shutdown procedures
  • Small and stackable
  • Creates Hydrogen on demand, minimal storage of Hydrogen in the system
  • Internal leak detection with automatic shutdown features

Precision Hydrogen Generator

Hydrogen Purity


Flow Rate Options

100, 200, 300, 450cc/min

Delivery Pressure

0 - 100psi/ 0-6.9 bar

Water Purity Requirements

< 1.0 µS-cm Conductivity/ > 1.0M Ω-cm Resistivity

Electrical Requirements

110-230v, 360VA


H = 406mm W = 380mm D = 539.5mm

Coming soon.