VERTEX 70v FT-IR спектрометри

VERTEX 70/70v FT-IR spectrometers

VERTEX 70 series offer unmatched performance and versatility for demanding analytical and research applications. Its innovative design results in the highest flexibility and highest performance. The data acquisition is based on two channel deltasigma ADCs with 24-bit dynamic range, which are running in parallel and integrated into the detector preamplifier electronics. This advanced DigiTect technology prevents external signal disturbance and guarantees the highest signal-to-noise ratio.

Wide Spectral Range

The VERTEX 70 and the 70v can optionally be equipped with optical components to cover the spectral range from 15cm-1 (10cm-1 for VERTEX 70v) in the far IR/THz, through the mid and near IR up to the visible/UV spectral range at 28,000cm-1. With its pre-aligned optical components and permanently aligned RockSolid interferometer, range change is easy and maintenance free.

Vacuum Optics

With the evacuable optics bench of the VERTEX 70v vacuum FT-IR spectrometer, PEAK sensitivity in the mid-, near and far IR/THz regions are obtained without the fear of masking very weak spectral features caused by water vapor or CO2 absorptions. Outstanding results, e.g. in the area of nano-science research down to sub-monolayers, can be obtained.

BRAIN: Bruker Artificial Intelligence Network

A network of intelligent functions such as recognition of sampling accessories and optical components, automatic set up and check of measurement parameters makes FT-IR spectroscopy easy, fast and reliable. In addition, the permanent online check of spectrometer components keeps fault diagnostics and maintenance simple. A full suite of software tools ensures this functionality.

Plug & Play: Easy Set Up

All over the world, no matter where you are, plug in the power cord and the Ethernet connection, and the VERTEX 70 is ready for operation. The Ethernet connection to the VERTEX 70 also offers the possibility to control the spectrometer via your network or the World Wide Web.

The VERTEX 70/70v is the ideal instrument for demanding research and development applications.

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