Газов хроматограф с FT-IR спектрометър (GC-FT-IR)

Gas Chromatography FT-IR Spectroscopy (GC-FT-IR)

The GC-FT-IR accessory is intended as a coupling unit between a gaschromatograph (GC, with capillary or packed columns) and a Bruker FT-IR spectrometer. It consists of a heatable lightpipe of small volume, a temperature controller and the optical adaptation with a high sensitivity Hg-Cd-Te (MCT) detector.

The GC-IR accessory is mounted at the right side of the FT-IR spectrometer. A collimated beam of infrared radiation passes from the FT-IR optics to the GC-IR accessory. The radiation is focussed into the lightpipe and passes through the lightpipe together with the effluent from the GC column. The IR-beam leaving the lightpipe is imaged onto the element of the Hg-Cd-Te (MCT) detector, the digitized signal is fed back to the electronics of the FT-IR system.

Connection between the GC-IR accessory and the gas chromatograph consists of a heated transfer line which reaches through a cutout into the oven of the GC. The input port is used for the transfer of the effluent from the GC to the GC-IR accessory. A fused silica GC-column or a fused silica transfer line transfers the effluent directly to the entrance of the lightpipe via the stainless steel tubing.

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