Precise, high-speed elemental analysis for process control in metal production

Accuracy to the Max in Metal Production

The production of high quality alloys constantly calls for exact information: It is essential for defining the composition of raw materials, the quality of metals, and the steps to manufacture a competitive product.

S8 DRAGON – Truly simultaneous XRF spectrometer

The novel S8 DRAGON is the first truly simultaneous X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer for precise, high-speed elemental analysis for process control in metal production and foundries on the market. It offers high quantitative precision in combination with elemental flexibility for up-to-date production control, covering almost all elements of the periodic table in a single, rapid measurement.

The S8 DRAGON combines in its new design, proven single element channels with the new Multi-element Channel™. With its unique parallel data acquisition in dual mode, the S8 DRAGON offers enhanced data safety for better cost efficiency due to improved process control.

Accuracy and Precision for Process Control in Metal Production

Shortest time to results, best accuracy and unmatched analytical precision are the key demands for successful process control. The S8 DRAGON combines in its new design proven single element channels with the new Multielement Channel™.

With 4 kW high excitation power and dedicated element channels the S8 DRAGON delivers unmatched precision for essential elements in metal production, while its innovative Multielement Channel simultaneously analyzes the additional elemental fingerprint, all in one run in less than 40 seconds. This advantage compared to conventional simultaneous XRF spectrometers brings essential benefits for process control in steel and non-ferrous metal production.

Excellent measurement results

The S8 DRAGON is designed to excite samples with up to 4 kW power, ensuring to achieve the maximum intensity for each element. Due to the compact coupling between X-ray tube anode, sample surface and the X-ray detector, the distances are minimized and the highest possible count rate is attained. Moreover, each important element is measured by a separate channel. These advanced features lead to the best counting statistics and excellent results.

  • High intensity X-ray tube for optimal excitation
  • Precise sample positioning for ground breaking analytical stability
  • Best light element performance due to 170 mA and most compact beam path
  • Element specific focusing analyzer crystals

Ease of use and Reliability

The S8 DRAGON utilizes TouchControl™ for ease of use and reliability. TouchControl™ enables multilingual (English, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, etc.), simple and essentially fail-safe operation via an integrated touch screen, thus requiring minimal user training.

SampleCare™ ensures maximum uptime and productivity with the tube-above-sample setup to protect the S8 DRAGON against all kinds of contamination. It also positions the sample with absolute zero tolerance for best precision on results.

Seamless Integration with Automation

The S8 DRAGON is designed for quick and seamless integration into the plant automation, providing best connectivity. The sample magazine of the S8 DRAGON can be fed by robot or belt from the back of the instrument. The combination between optical emission spectrometry (OES) and XRF brings process control in metal production to perfection.

Through the integrated Ethernet connection, the results can be directly sent to the LIMS or to the plant control software, in combination with the OES results. With the S8 DRAGON, analysis is easily arranged in line.

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