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Achieve the next level of efficiency in mining and mineral beneficiation with S2 KODIAK!

S2 KODIAK Multi-Element Analyzer, XRF

S2 KODIAK - XRF Multi-Element Analyzer for Real-Time Results in Mining

Real-time process control in the mine is vital in order to achieve optimal cost efficiency.

Iron ore treadmill, XRF

At the same time, it is challenging to bring an analytical instrument into the process. The S2 KODIAK on-line XRF works autonomous and maintenance-free 24/7.

It delivers immediate results and the integration into the plant control is flawless. In addition, working safety is an important topic; conventional systems are based on prompt gamma neutron activation analyzers (PGNAA) and require extensive shielding and strict safety regulation. Not with the S2 KODIAK. The X-rays are on only in operation, simple shielding and the safety circuit are ensuring the highest safety level, all the time.

The S2 KODIAK – A perfect fit for Base Metal Ore Mining

The S2 KODIAK is perfectly suited for on-line process control in mining operations. By measuring the exact material composition at any time, the hydro- or pyro-metallurgical processes can be optimized to increase output and enhance separation efficiency.

Real-time control of the blending step ensures a constant concentrate composition in support of later refining steps. At the same time that the S2 KODIAK analyzes major and minor elements, it also delivers information about hazardous trace elements, such as As or Pb. Low-quality material can simply be excluded from further processing.

Truck Minerals & Mining

The S2 KODIAK works for base metal ores, such as iron, nickel, copper, chromium, molybdenum, titanium, tungsten and delivers immediate results for all of them.

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