contrAA® 300 (Пламък)

contrAA® 300

contrAA® 300 is the High-Resolution Continuum Source atomic absorption spectrometer for flame and hydride technique.

contrAA® 300 offers

  • Just one continuum source of radiation – characteristic for the revolutionary High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS (HR-CS AAS)
  • High-resolution echelle spectrometer
  • PC-controlled and fully-automated operation
  • Fast sequential and simultaneous multi-element analysis, at bulk concentrations and trace levels
  • Fully-automatic, completely sensor-monitored sample introduction system
  • Burner adjustment by maximum absorbance
  • Reproducible burner position by scaled height and angle adjustments
  • "Segmented Flow Star SFS6" for small sample volume and samples with strong matrix influence (salt, acid, etc.)
  • Intelligent automatic dilution for flame and graphite furnace up to 1:625 and automatic contamination check with autosampler
  • A large range of accessories
  • Coupling with the hydride technique for a new range of detection limits for hydride forming elements, such as As, Se, Sb, Te, Bi and Sn


ASpect CS Software Package

The ASpect CS software offers comprehensive on-line help and a user-friendly software concept for applications ranging from routine analysis to development and research.

The software supports the unique features of HR-CS AAS, such as:

  • Simultaneous background correction by acquiring spectral information in the vicinity of the analysis line
  • Fast element/line change
  • Fast sequential multi-element measurement at continuous sample flow in flame mode
  • Diverse options of automatic method optimization for work in all fields of application or with unknown matrices
  • Cookbook methods for all elements - basis for fast method development
  • The obtained data can be recalculated, exported to various file formats and printed out. The results of the quality control measurements are automatically recorded on so-called QC charts


Autosampler systems for flame, hydride and atomic fluorescence technique

  • AS-F und AS-FD — autosamplers for flame technique
  • Make the routine analysis of standards and samples almost fully automatic

Modular hydride systems

  • Flow injection as well as batch mode available
  • Systems can be upgraded at any time – it “grows” with the lab’s requirements
  • Easy exchange between all configurations
  • Color-coded tubing connections and flow scheme – easy replacement of consumables
  • Upgrade to HydrEA, easy exchange between mercury/hydride and HydrEA
  • Special mercury accessories
  • Fast Baseline Return drastically reduces the measurement time for mercury
  • Fully compliant with all applicable DIN, ISO, EPA and ASTM methods for mercury and hydride analysis

“Segmented Flow Star SFS 6”

  • Two-way module for software-controlled metering of smallest volumes via time control
  • Reduces risk of burner head slit blocking due to continuous intensive rinsing
  • Minimizes necessity of cleaning intervals of the sample introduction system
  • Minimizes problems while analyzing samples with high matrix contents (high acid and salt contents, protein etc.)
  • Improves base line stability of the spectrometer (constant flame temperature)
  • Can additionally be used for the analysis of organic solvents
  • Complete maintenance free operation


  • Allows software controlled periodical cleaning during flame warm up and during sample measurements
  • Ensures stable flame conditions