contrAA® 600 (Графитна пещ)

contrAA® 600


The contrAA® 600 combines the high precision of the transverse heated graphite furnace with all advantages of the High-Resolution Continuum Source Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (HR-CS AAS). The transverse heated graphite furnace ensures:

  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Lower atomization temperatures
  • Decreased gas phase interferences
  • Linear, rapid heating rates
  • Minimized memory effects
  • The integrated color furnace camera enables a detailed observation of all processes in the graphite tube starting with the sample introduction up to the drying and pyrolysis, for simple and correct method development

Autosampler included

contrAA® 600 already contains the AS-GF — an autosampler for fully automatic routine sequential multi element analysis providing a wide variety of functions.


  • Several autosamplers for the direct and automatic analysis of liquid as well as solid samples
  • HydrEA: The combination of hydride formation in the hydride system with the electrothermal atomization in the graphite tube opens up completely new perspectives in the detection of hydride forming elements, such as arsenic, selenium or antimony


ASpect CS Software Package

The ASpect CS software offers comprehensive on-line help and a user-friendly software concept for applications ranging from routine analysis to development and research.

The software supports the unique features of HR-CS AAS, such as:

  • Simultaneous background correction by acquiring spectral information in the vicinity of the analysis line
  • Fast element/line change
  • Fast sequential multi-element measurement at continuous sample flow in flame mode
  • Diverse options of automatic method optimization for work in all fields of application or with unknown matrices
  • Cookbook methods for all elements - basis for fast method development
  • The obtained data can be recalculated, exported to various file formats and printed out. The results of the quality control measurements are automatically recorded on so-called QC charts



Coupling of graphite furnace and hydride technique

solid AA® – Direct solid AAS

  • SSA 6 z – manual solid sampling system
  • SSA 600 – fully automatic solid sampling system with integrated microbalance
  • SSA 600L – fully automatic solid sampling system with integrated microbalance and liquid dosing accessory