Multi-element analysis for all kinds of samples, from carbon to uranium

Elemental analysis as easy as 1,2,3

Periodical system with S2 PUMA (LE) element range

Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) with the S2 PUMA offers all you need to measure and monitor elements in your samples, independent of the industry or environment you are working in. The outstanding strength of the S2 PUMA LE is the wide range of elements covered by the technique, from very light elements like C, to heavy elements like U.


  • Unmatched detection limits, precision and speed in EDXRF by HighSense™ technology
  • Direct-excitation, closely coupled beam path
  • X-ray tube with up to 50 W power and 50 kV excitation
  • XFlash SDD with excellent energy resolution
  • Optimal Light Element (LE) configuration with thin-window X-ray tube and XFlash X-ray detector

S2 PUMA with HighSense – the top-performing EDXRF

HighSense™ is the key to unrivaled analytical performance of the S2 PUMA. The instrument's direct excitation beam path makes full use of the 50-Watt power of the X-ray tube.

The optimal excitation of all elements in the sample is guaranteed with up to 50 kV voltage. The high-countrate, high resolution XFlash silicon drift detector (SDD) further enhances the instrument's performance and records sample spectra in HD mode.

But that’s not all. With the all-new instrument X-ray&nbs;optics, the distances between the X-ray tube, the sample and the detector are even shorter than before. This results in better detection limits, higher precision and shorter measurement times.


S2 PUMA with TouchControl™

Thanks to TouchControl™, the operation of the S2 PUMA is easy and straightforward. The times of never-ending training and manuals that weigh a ton belong to the past.


  • Intuitive, failsafe ease-of-use
  • Island Mode: Full functionality without PC, keyboard and mouse
  • Free language selection: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese
  • No training required – get results from day one
  • Adjustable touchscreen, glove-friendly


S2 PUMA – utmost efficiency with EasyLoad™

Features for EasyLoad XY Autochanger:

  • Trays with up to 20 sample positions
  • Pressed powders, fused beads and liquid cups with 40 mm sample size
  • Direct handling of 51.5 mm sample rings from automated sample preparation
  • Mixed batches of liquids and solids for highest sample flexibility
  • Prepare the next sample tray while previous tray is running
  • High sample throughput, large sample series run overnight
  • New samples can be loaded and added at any time


S2 PUMA with SampleCare™

Instrument uptime is crucial in every laboratory. But you can rely on the S2 PUMA with Bruker’s unique SampleCareTM technology. SampleCare™ protects the instrument from damage due to sample contamination. The integrated liquid sample detection of the EasyLoad XY Autochanger disables the vacuum mode whenever a liquid sample is detected. In addition, a DuraBeryllium tube shield and the filter wheel protect the X-ray tube. A third contamination shield is the detector cap. The cap with an ultra-thin protection foil avoids contamination when liquid samples spill or small sample particles fall from pressed powders.

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