mq-one Seed Analyzer

The Analyzer for your Oil and Moisture Analysis in Seeds and Nuts

The new mq-one Seed Analyzer offers ease of calibration and measurement with an outmost reliability. Thanks to the all-in-one design of the mq-one, both the long and short term stabilities could be improved.

Based on Bruker's experience, in case of large and inhomogeneous seeds like Sunflower seeds, we recommend our high-sensitivity, high-volume mq7.5 Large Seed Analyzer.

Seed Breeding programs are supported with our minispec mq40 system.

Certified Set of IRMM Standards

For reliable quantification, and cross-instrument traceability, standards are required. Bruker's answer to this is the use of internationally recognized standards delivering traceable and certifited values for both oil and moisture content in rape seeds.

These standards from the IRMM accompany every mq-one Seed Anaylzer, ready-to-go and just complete.

The Ease of an Official Method

The minispec mq-one Seed Analyzer provides the method of choice for precise and simultaneous oil and moisture determination in various seeds and nuts (official methods ISO CD 10565 and 10632). Bruker has actively participated in the round-robin test to establish the official methods. Knowledge of these two ingedients is critical for seed processing.

The precision and reproducibility routinely achieved are in the very high and in the per mile range. By virtue of the method, the result– achieved with no sample preparation–is independent of sample texture, surface effects and analyses the every seed integrally. These are some of the reasons for its widespread use throughout the world.

Calibration, a Simple Task

alibration is as easy as the measurement and takes only few time and a very limited number of samples (3-5). Alternatively or to take an advantage, the certified rape seed standards can be utilized (see below).

By virtue of the NMR method, the signal scales linearly with the amount of oil (moisture). Thus, the larger the oil (moisture) the higher the signal response. The calibration follows therefore a linear relationship.

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