mq-one Hydrogen Analyzer

Quality Control on Fuels according to ASTM

the minispec mq-one Hydrogen Analyzer provides a precise solution to determine the combustion performance of fuels by measuring the hydrogen content according to ASTM D7171.

The quality of various fuel e.g. aviation fuel, petrol, combustion fuel can be measured witin a minute.

Calibration: Easy, Fast and Unique

Calibration of the minispec for percent hydrogen is usually accomplished with reference samples. Reference samples may be either production samples with percent hydrogen values known from a reference method (e.g. mass spectrometry) or pure hydrocarbons.

Control of Hydrogen Content is important

The minispec mq-one NMR method meets all demands of accuracy, precision, and speed.

minispec mq-one is as easy as winking:

  • ASTM Method
  • Easy calibration with commercialy available hydrocarbons
  • Minimum Sample Preparation and easy measurement
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Former continous Wave Systems are replaced by our mq-one Hydrogen Analyzer

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