minispec Automated Solid Fat Content Analyzer

Automated SFC Analyzer

Replace time-consuming dilatometry/SFI method with the fast, accurate and reliable TD-NMR fully automated SFC system.

As the slogan of a well-known candy-maker stresses, the treat has to melt in the mouth, not in the hand! To help design the fats that provide such properties, food producers have adapted unbiased analytical methods, particularly the well-known SFC determination by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). Pioneered by Bruker and partners, this SFC method is described officially by AOCS, ISO and IUPAC. Combining the minispec mq series, state-of-the-art robotics and the proven Peltier technology, the minispec Automated SFC Analyzer meets today's demands in quality control labs for solid fat content analysis.

Fully Automated and Unattended

SFC analysis has never been so easy, just load and register the samples at any time. The tempering schemes are precisely followed by the system, while all the results are stored safely in a database. The system provides high through-put (up to 1000 samples per day, depending on the tempering schemes).

Reliable and Precise

By design, every step in the automation protocol is pre-determined and tracked during operation. The minispec is calibrated with the Bruker SFC Calibration Standards. System validation is performed daily to ensure a reliable and precise SFC analysis.

Official and Tailored SFC Methods

The official methods (direct and indirect methods; parallel and serial procedures) are fully supported by the minispec Automated SFC Analyzer. While the official methods are already defined in the system's software, the minispec Automated SFC Analyzer also offers functionalities to tailor the SFC methods to customer desires.

Hardware: Footprint and Flexibility

The minispec Automated SFC-Analyzer combines full robotics with an unprecedented small footprint. All official SFC methods have in common a melting and a crystallization step plus a defined number of measuring temperatures. To accomplish this, the minispec Automated SFC Analyzer can be equipped with up to 12 temperature dri-baths. Each sample is precisely tempered by state-of-the-art Peltier technique.

Service and Support

The minispec mq series, introduced in 1999, has a proven track-record to keep running-costs at a minimum. For instance, the hermetical enclosure of the minispec mq-generation renders the maintenance of filter pads unnecessary. The minispec Automated SFC Analyzer has also been designed to provide long service intervals. The minispec spectrometers are designed to provide years of dependable, trouble-free operation, but should a problem occur, our experienced technical support professionals can provide you a solution promptly. Professional installations and a high standard of post-delivery service are commitments that Bruker Optics makes to each of its customers.

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