minispec Automation

Sample Automation for the minispec mq and mq-one Series

This new easy to use, cost-effective system brings sample automation to routine minispec applications, including complex Solid Fat Content (SFC) analysis.

Now, thanks to quick sample exchange times that maximize throughput and increased reliability in minispec measurements, productivity is significantly boosted.

theminispec Sample Automation system is available as a standalone accessory to existing minispec systems from the mq and mq-one Series, or as a packaged system with a new minispec spectrometer.

A new sample automation system dedicated to minispec applications

Key Advantages

  1. Single supplier solution: minispec and Sample Automation system both provided by Bruker BioSpin
  2. SFC Sample Automation system automatically and accurately controls tempering times delivering results in strictest accordance to SFC International Standard Methods.
  3. Automation for all other major Time Domain-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (TD-NMR) minispec applications including the following preparation steps:
    • Sample pre-tempering (heating)
    • Barcode reader option
  4. Service and support by Bruker BioSpin or local representative

theminispec Sample Automation Offers a New Dimension in Options

Sample Automation Set-up

  • „„x-y-z sample changer mounted on a robust platform that can hold minispec, racks, tempering devices (optional, depending on application)„„
  • TÜV approved and conform to European, American and Canadian regulations (with and without safety housing)„„
  • Optional (but recomended) safety housing including sliding doors and locks. This option furthermore features an emergency stop button.

Quick and Convenient Sample Insertion

  • „„Input and output racks with sensors that detect tray status (software supported)„„
  • Special versions of trays adapted for the SFC application„„
  • The software can handle the two trays as combined or separate input/output blocks.

Tempering Options/Further Assemblies

  • Heating and cooling devices based on Peltier Technology„„
  • SFC tempering blocks: ±0.1°C precision„„
  • Heating only devices available„„
  • Max. temperature range: 0 … 100°C„„
  • Handles with up to 6 measurement temperatures (optional)„„
  • Tempering devices are also available without sample changer „„
  • Barcode reader (optional)

Increasing TD-NMR Efficiency With the New theminispec Sample Automation Software

theminispec Sample Automation software is a feature-packed easy-to-use solution that provides significant flexibility, usability and the performance required to maximize your lab efficiency by automating your TD-NMR minispec applications.

Its practical software design and dedicated feature options include:

  • Existing customer TD-NMR methods are easily added and implemented
  • Different TD-NMR methods can all run simultaneously
  • Sample priorities can be assigned
  • Choice of rack combinations with in-position/out-of-position sensor
  • Error management highlights errors by adding colors to the results

theminispec Sample Automation Software

  • Automated Daily Check function ensures consistent operation
  • Automatic plotting of bath temperatures
  • Accurate monitoring of tempering times and temperatures with out-of-limit warnings
  • All common International Standard Methods are supported
  • Graphical display of data with calculation options and error handling
  • PC controlled: Windows 7 / 32 or 64 bit Software