Alanine Dosimeter Reader

The gold standard in irradiation dosimetry

Bruker delivers the complete gold standard radiation dosimetry system

EPR has long been used as a quantitative tool to study the effects of radiation. Ionizing radiation produces free radicals in many forms of matter that can be quantitatively detected by an EPR spectrometer, resp. EPR dosimetry.

The EPR spectrometer works by measuring energy level transitions of unpaired (free) electrons at a specific resonant frequency within a variable magnetic field.


Alanine forms a very stable free radical when subjected to ionizing radiation. The alanine free radical yields an EPR signal that is dose dependant, yet is independent of the dose rate and energy and is relatively insensitive to temperature and humidity. Thus, alanine dosimetry is equally suited to Gamma, E-beam, or X-ray irradiation facilities. Alanine dosimeters are available as pellets or films depending on the application.

  • 1% accuracy or better
  • Dose rate independent
  • Detection limit below 1 Gray
  • Accurate from 10 Gray to 200 kGy
  • Bar code reader for sample archiving
  • Compatible with ASTM E1607

Bruker is proud to introduce a new dosimetry system that combines the e-scan alanine dosimeter with the BioMaxTM Alanine Dosimeter Film. The e-scan is an easy-to-use benchtop EPR spectrometer that provides a rapid and accurate dose measurement for either alanine film or pellet dosimeters. The barcoded BioMax Film not only provides KodakTM quality, but furthermore allows for the automation of several routine functions (i.e. sample/batch identification, sample position and measurement initiation).

Rapid, Secure Dose Determination

The e-scan provides a simple automated routine for measuring either alanine film or pellet dosimeters. The e-scan software is simple and intuitive, yet comprehensive.

Automated features included:

  • Instrument self testing
  • Instrument status logging
  • Bar coded sample holder verifies dose range
  • Auto-detection of bar coded alanine films
  • Calibration coefficient calculation
  • Dose calculation
  • Data transfer to Excel

The e-scan measurement routine is simple, fast and minimizes decision making for routine operators.

1. Click start to begin measurement.

2. Instrument check is performed.

3. Insert dosimeter and enter sample name.

4. Dosimeter is measured and the dose calculated.

5. The dose results are transferred to Excel automatically.

Alanine Dosimeters...

The e-scan provides outstanding performance over the entire range for alanine dosimetry. Special dosimeter holders (patents pending) are tailored to fit either alanine film or pellet dosimeters. The dosimeter holder and associated dose range are recognized by the e-scan software which allows critical instrument parameters and dosimeter calibration coefficients to be automatically set for the routine operator.

Individually wrapped, bar code labeled BioMax Alanine Dosimeter Films (developed by Eastman Kodak Company patent pending in cooperation with Bruker BioSpin) provide automatic sample identification and archiving. After inserting the BioMax dosimeter into the e-scan, the sample information is recorded by the bar code reader and the measurement is automatically initiated.

Coming soon.