Introducing the most integrated NMR machine

NanoBay NMR The highly Integrated Spectrometer AVANCE III HD NMR enhances both productivity and quality for a wide range of routine and research applications

The new Avance™III HD NanoBay NMR device is the most highly integrated state-of-the-art broadband NMR spectrometer ever. The novel NanoBay design places Bruker’s high-performance HD NMR spectrometer technology into an exceptionally compact enclosure.

The NanoBay delivers high productivity and highest-quality NMR information for pharmaceutical and industrial chemists, for academic research and teaching, as well as for food analysis, diagnostics research and other small molecule applications.

  • Broadband compact design high end NMR spectrometer
  • Easy siting in small analytical laboratories
  • Based on latest Avance™ III HD spectrometer technology
  • Ready for CryoProbe applications based on built-in preamplifiers
  • Includes most stable and compact Ascend™ magnet technology
  • Intuitive routine user interface TopSpin™

AVANCE III HD-NanoBay, equipped with CryoProbe Prodigy and autosampler SampleXpress

AVANCE III HD-NanoBay, equipped with CryoProbe Prodigy and autosampler SampleXpress

Latest NMR spectrometer technology

The NanoBay incorporates Avance III HD spectrometer technology, which permits an unprecedented level of digital control, exceptionally pure NMR frequency generation and unprecedented speed and flexibility.

Optimum sensitivity and throughput

Our CryoProbes™ delivered the single largest increase in NMR sensitivity in the last few decades. This jump in sensitivity enables laboratories to observe sample amounts that were considered too small just a few years ago, and to increase sample throughput up to 16-fold.

Intuitive Software

Ease of use is provided through the use of TopSpin™ or AMIX ™ NMR software and IconNMR™ automation interface, with automation options that can be tailored to the throughput needs of each laboratory.

High Throughput NMR

NMR automation utilizing sample changers or flow-injection systems has become an invaluable tool for both industry and academia. According to the laboratory’s needs or goals, automation may involve high-throughput screening, overnight automation or multi-user open access.

Easy siting

Available in combination with Bruker's Ascend 300 and 400 MHz magnets, the NanoBay allows easy siting in non-NMR laboratories even when space is limited. These magnets are the ultimate advancement in high performance, actively-shielded NMR Solutions.

AVANCEIII HD NanoBay Siteplan

Site planning at 400 MHz. Full featured 400 MHz NMR instrument for minimal lab space.