timsTOFTM - Next generation ion mobility separation

timsTOF - Flexibility to Empower your Ideas

  • Are your analyses blind to some compounds, like structural isomers?
  • Does trying to resolve overlapping fragment ion spectra give you a headache?
  • Is your mass spectrometer as flexible as you need for everyday challenges in the lab?

Ion mobility is a powerful extension to mass spectrometry that delivers information about the three dimensional structure of an ion, and increases peak capacity and confidence in compound characterization.

timsTOF was engineered by Bruker experts as an open platform to accelerate the adoption of ion mobility-mass spectrometry analysis across research applications.

All that is missing are your expertise and curiosity.

Flexibility - View samples the way you want

With the flip of a switch, augment the peak capacity of your analytical system beyond chromatography and time-of-flight separation. No penalty in analysis time, no penalty in sensitivity.

timsTOF features adjustable ion mobility separation based on Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry (TIMS), so you can explore samples in various and meaningful ways. Furthermore, timsTOF uses an open data format (*.tdf) that introduces full transparency, efficiency and flexibility into your data analysis strategy.

Resolution - More control, more answers

timsTOF combines high ion mobility resolution with ultra-high resolution QTOF technology for optimal performance. imeXTM technology further boosts the functionality by making ion mobility resolution an adjustable parameter.

Investigate your sample in imeX survey mode for mobility-resolved full scans, and then extend your workflow with a detailed examination of selected compounds and precise collisional cross sections (CCS). Increase ion mobility resolution up to 200 for unique insights into your samples in imeX ultra mode.

Resolution - More control, more insights.

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