X-ray Powder Diffraction on Desktop

Continuation of the success story

The new D2 PHASER is the next generation desktop diffractometer for all X-ray powder diffraction applications in Bragg-Brentano geometry. It is equipped with an integrated flat screen monitor, an integrated PC running WINDOWS 8.1, and an ultra-fast SSD drive.

The latest version of the DIFFRAC.SUITE software package allows measurement and analysis right out of the box, even CFR 21 Part 11 compliant.

The second generation of the D2 PHASER comes with a couple of attractive options:

  • Scintillation counter for the entry into the world of X-ray powder diffraction
  • SSD160 or LYNXEYETM detectors for collection of high quality X-ray powder diffraction data with unprecedented speed and data quality
  • Standard sample stage for 51.5 mm diameter sample holders providing user-definable rotation speed
  • Automatic sample changer for up to 6 sample holders with 32 mm diameter with user-definable rotation speed
D2 PHASER sample changer
D2 PHASER 2nd Gen - Sample changer

The D2 PHASER 2nd generation – The All-In-One crystalline phase analysis tool

The new D2 PHASER is the most compact and fastest, all-in-one amorphous and crystalline phase analysis tool available on the market. It is mobile and easy to install with only the need for standard electrical power. The D2 PHASER is therefore ideal for laboratory or on-location operation, in other words, it is a true Plug’n Analyze system.

Ease-of-use, high performance, and low cost of ownership are the key features of the D2 PHASER desktop diffractometer. The D2 PHASER is the price/performance leader for X-ray powder diffraction in laboratories and QC/PC applications for e.g. cement, minerals, geology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, as well as for educational purposes.

Coming soon.