Gas Chromatography Systems

SCION Gas Chromatography (GC) systems provide analysts with faster separations, increased data quality, and maximum flexibility in a range of easy-to-use and robust platforms.

SCION's new GC platform provides the ultimate capability for today's analytical laboratory. Available in two models: The space-saving SCION 436-GC and the full-featured SCION 456-GC. New features designed to enhance productivity, robustness, and ease-of-use. The platform offers more than 50 custom configurations supporting a wide range of applications including our GC Analyzer solutions packages.

  • New fast acquisition speeds up to 600 Hz
  • Fast oven heat-up rates in excess
    of 170 ºC/min
  • 9-inch color touch pad interface
  • Instantly configurable in 13 languages

The new SCION GC and SCION GC-MS platforms provide the latest in technology and performance for a wide variety of applications in areas including:

  • Food Testing
  • Environmental
  • Petroleum, Fuels, and Hydrocarbon Analysis
  • Petrochemical and Fine Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Academic Research and Teaching Laboratories

Performance and Reliability in an Easy-to-Use Platform

400-GC Series Gas Chromatography Systems

The 400-GC Series is comprised of two key members: the 436-GC System and the 456-GC System. The 436-GC system is a single-channel, single-detector style system that is compact and very easy-to-use, which makes it an ideal platform for routine analyses. The 456-GC is a premium system providing the capability to use up to three injectors and detectors for your analysis.

SCION 456-GC– When your requirements demand more functionality or you want room to upgrade, the SCION 456-GC easily meets your needs. Supporting three-injector and four-detector positions (including the mass spectrometer) with full independent access, no other GC system provides this capability. This platform also provides the basis for over 50 different configured analyzers for petroleum, petrochemical, and specialty gas application. A staff of highly experienced chromatographers can assist you in building special analyzers to meet any application need.

Key Features:

  • Fast oven heating > 170 ºC/min
  • Independent operation of up to 3 injectors and 4 detectors
  • New EFC with 0.001 precision across the entire operating range 0-150 psi
  • Fast data acquisition for
    GC detectors > 600 Hz
  • Large oven supporting multiple columns
  • Highly customizable with additional columns and valves for methods outlined by DIN, ASTM, EN, UOP, etc.