Super Clean Gas Filters

Gas Purification Systems for Chromatography

Super Clean – Gas Filters

Gas purity is key to producing robust, sensitive and high quality chromatographic analysis. Carrier and detector make-up gases need to be contaminant free to prolong column lifetime by preventing column degradation, reducing stationary phase bleed and to ensure stable and low-noise baseline.

Super Clean Base Plate Benefits

  • “Quick Connect” Fittings – fast and easy.
  • Spring Loaded Check Valves – contamination free
  • Filter Locking Mechanism - leak tight changes

Super Clean Gas Filter Benefits

  • Ultra-High Capacity – Longer life, less change, improved productivity
  • High-Purity Output - 99.9999% Pure Gas
  • “Quick Connect” Fittings – Fast, easy and leak tight changes
  • Practical Design – Glass internals prevents diffusion, plastic outside for safety
  • Easy-to-Read Indicators – Improved up-time and planned maintenance
  • for GC
  • for GC/MS
  • for LC/MS

Whatever your requirements for pure gas, Bruker Gas Purification systems has the range to satisfy your needs, from individual to combination filters, to Ultra purity combined with Ultra capacity, to all in one solution kits. Our extensive range and configurations are designed for the most demanding applications and come in a variety of materials and fittings.

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