The sensitivity of the system is extremely important in most MS analytical tasks. Compared to standard electrospray, the ionBooster offers a 5–100x gain in sensitivity for many compounds of interest in the fields of environmental analysis, food testing and therapeutic drug monitoring. The ionBooster enhances sensitivity and lowers detection limits by increasing ionization efficiency in a wide range of applications.

The ionBooster can be used with the latest Bruker amaZon speed, maXis, maXis impact or solariX MS systems, and is quickly and easily installed. For a wide range of compounds, the ionBooster achieves sensitivities that rival those of industry-leading QQQs, while still providing the known benefits of MSn or accurate mass values with TIP™ (True Isotopic Pattern). The ionBooster has simple operating parameters and nitrogen consumption requirements that are similar to those of conventional sources.


The ion source enhances sensitivity and lowers detection limits by delivering more efficient ionization across a wide range of applications. Inside the ionBooster, an electrospray is maintained at a controlled vaporizing temperature to enable enhanced desolvation of the analyte ions, even at high eluent flow rates in UHPLC separations with sharp chromatographic peaks.

The exact response with the ionBooster depends upon the type of compound and its specific chemical characteristics and thermal properties.

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