GC/APCI Source

To obtain high resolution TOF spectra from a GC run has traditionally been a difficult task as TOF-MS dedicated for GC coupling has generally delivered poor mass accuracy and resolution.

With the revolutionary new GC/APCI source, a GC can be coupled to a high performance TOF-MS including maxis, micrOTOF II or micrOTOF Q II which are designed as LC-TOF-MS systems.

The new source allows the coupling of LC and GC systems to the same instrument, thus making the need for a dedicated TOF-MS for just a few samples obsolete.

GC/APCLI ion source

An expensive, dedicated GC/TOF-MS for often only a few samples is a requirement of the past.

Performance of a high-resolution TOF-MS for GC separations.

The GC/APCI source enables the coupling of a high-resolution (or even ultra-high resolution) TOF system designed for LC coupling , with a GC system.

Switching of the sources without breaking vacuum

The system has the capability to be easily switched from GC to LC and vice versa within minutes. There is no need to break the MS vacuum. It consists of a heated transfer line for GC coupling, a spray chamber and an APCI heater.

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