Instant Expertise™ in Accurate Mass LC-MS/MS

You expect the fullest possible insight into your sample.

compact delivers the highest quality of results without compromise. All specified performance parameters simultaneously delivered in a single run with no need for tuning or optimization is what makes compact unique.

Full Sensitivity Resolution

Having to choose between resolution and sensitivity on other instruments restricts depth to which you can understand your sample.

Enhanced dynamic range during real LC time scales

Greatly increased robustness to sample variation allowing reduced sample pre-treatment especially desirable in high throughput quantitative applications.

One shot plug & play acquisition with triple-quad standard sensitivity

Ensuring qualitative and quantitative results in one LC run with fastest time-to-success.

Let the compact™ achieve your goals in:


Research-Grade Technology Meets High Productivity

The power of technology demanded for research applications is now available in a compact, robust and economic bench-top system.

Research-grade technology applied to every routine analytical task. The new Bruker compact QqTOF features:

  • 50 GBit/sec sampling technology maintaining full specification resolution even during ultrafast chromatography
  • Increased dynamic range for definitive trace analysis from complex, high-background matrices
  • Low picogram sensitivity to rival the best triple-quadrupole sensitivity while delivering full scan, precise mass data
  • Superior 1 ppm mass accuracy ensured by automated calibration

Engineered for Dependable Precision

There is more to successful analysis than hitting the mark on one performance parameter at a time.

Don't accept compromise - go for instant expertise!