maXis II™

maXis II™ / maXis II™ ETD

Unparalleled Versatility from Small Molecules up to Megadalton complexes

maXis II is THE market leading high-resolution LC-QTOF. This heralds a new era in QTOF technology with unprecedented performance across wide ranging applications to resolve the most demanding analytical challenges.

A full range of specified performance parameters is delivered simultaneously.

Bruker's Ultra-High Resolution QTOF (UHR) technology has reached new standards in accurate-mass LC-MSMS. In addition, the system offers Electron-Transfer Dissociation (ETD) capabilities for sequence analysis of intact proteins including monoclonal antibody subunits.

Furthermore, native state samples, including antibody drug conjugates, can be measured at these enhanced performance levels (Native Mass Spectrometry).

Let the maXis II achieve your goals in:

maXis II™ / maXis II™ ETD

Technological Innovations

  • Record-breaking full sensitivity resolution (FSR) of > 80,000
  • Robust ETD capabilities with novel nCI source and Gas Enrichment Apparatus (optional)
  • Native Mass Spectrometry (optional) with enhanced desolvation of super molecular complexes
  • High Definition 5 orders of magnitude dynamic range achieved at UHPLC speeds due to 50 GBit/sec sampling technology-definitive trace analysis from complex, high-background matrices
  • Instant Expertise™ Intelligent self-optimizing MS/MS routines for expert-caliber results first time
  • One shot plug & play acquisition with triple-quadrupole sensitivity ensuring qualitative and quantitative results in one LC run with fastest time-to-success
  • DC gradient collision cell for high sensitivity, fast MS/MS

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