solariX XR

eXtreme Resolution for a Wide Variety of Analytical Workflows

Continuing Bruker's tradition of innovation, the ParaCell is the new core technology for solariX XR, providing uncommon broadband ion stability resulting in resolution far superior to other detection schemes.

Key Benefits

  • Analytical power—unmatched in commercial mass spectrometry provides the capability to create new workflows and explore the chemical landscape in ways not conceivable before.
  • Flexibility­—combining one of the widest array of sources available with an armada of both traditional and unique dissociation methods providing experimental flexibility that supercharges every application and allowing you to accelerate your workflows.
  • Speed—­high performance and flexibility translates to faster, streamlined workflows reengineering traditional approaches with tuned methods that save time and money and produce richer datasets in a given time than ever seen before.
  • Turnkey operation­­—advanced software for acquisition, processing and automation combined with a robust source design and fully automated transfer optics provide compelling results with limited user effort.

This powerful advance in the state-of-the-art technology provides access to previously hidden chemical information never routinely accessible before with commercial mass spectrometry. A wide variety of applications can utilize the eXtreme resolution provided by this innovative technology, such as:

  • High End Proteomics Studies (Top-down and Bottom-up workflows)
  • Molecular Imaging of Tissue—Distribution of Drugs, Metabolites, and Biomarkers
  • Petroleum Product Analysis
  • Complex Environmental Sample Analysis
  • Metabolomics Research

  • Ultimate mass resolving power in excess of RP = 10,000,000
  • RP = 600,000 at 1 Hz duty cycle
  • FTICR technology providing unrivaled mass accuracy
  • Apollo II Ion Funnel Electrospray Source enabling high ion transmission efficiency over a broad mass range
  • 4 Hz polarity switching
  • Hybrid Qh Front End supporting CASI™ for enrichment of low abundant species
  • Optimized ion optics for sensitivity and mass range coverage
  • Proprietary ParaCell ICR cell with patented SIDEKICK™ ion accumulation system for high detection efficiency.
  • Nanobay-E Acquisition electronics enabling data streaming for increased broad-band resolution
  • Choice of 7T, 9.4T, 12T or 15 T superconducting, refrigerated and ultrashielded magnets
  • Wide range of fragementation techniques including in-source collision induced dissociation (CID), CID in collsion cell, Electron capture dissociation (ECD) in INFINITY™ ICR cell and sustained off resonance irradiation (SORI) CID in INFINITY™ ICR cell.
  • Optional MALDI source with Smartbeam II laser
  • Optional Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD)
  • Optional APCI, APPI or GC-APCI source