Analysis Automation for Foundries and Steel Plants

Q8 CORONADO, a user-friendly analysis automation with unmatched reliability, small footprint, simple maintenance, and low operational costs.

Q8 CORONADO is a fully automated metal analyser. Just enter the sample, register on the touchscreen and the system starts. Sample preparation, transportation within the system, spectrometrical analysis, archiving of samples, communication of results; all this is part of the complete process within Q8 CORONADO.

Even self-control functions including the analysis of monitor samples in intervals and standardisation if necessary, are covered by the system. This helps to reduce sample turnaround times and ensures consistent analytical quality.

Q8 CORONADO is available in different configurations for ferrous and non-ferrous applications.

High analytical performance is ensured by using flagship OE spectrometer Q8 MAGELLAN within the automation system.

The automatic analysis system Q8 CORONADO has been specially designed for the use in foundries and steel plants: from sample taking to results within a few moments! The analysis automation stands in close proximity to the furnace.

Q8 CORONADO - Analysis Automation for Foundries and Steel Plants


  • Container or laboratory setup
  • Main components: Q8 MAGELLAN spectrometer, robot cell with sample rack and sample entry/registration, sample preparation machine
  • Simple sample entry with touch screen registration
  • Pneumatic sample clamp with integrated circular electrode and spark stand cleaner
  • Optional sample marking station with dry ink
  • Optional visual surface check with CCD camera


  • Included software packages: QMation; QMatrix & QMatrix Reg.
  • SQL Database application
  • Intuitive .Net-compliant GUI for simple operation and high availability

Robot Cell & Sample Rack

  • 5 axis industrial robot
  • Transparent housing with controlled access thru security doors
  • Colored status lamp on top and virtually in QMation
  • Sample entry station with IP 65 touch panel for customized sample registration
  • Park positions for system samples
  • Storage positions for production samples
  • Various drop-off positions for completed samples

Sample Preparation

  • Powerful four-wheel belt grinder
  • Quick belt change and fixture
  • Rapid grinding feature
  • Powerful dedusting system
  • Alternatively milling machine

Service Features

  • Extended self and remote diagnostics
  • Remote service capability for on-line troubleshooting
  • Optional 24/7 service hotline

Electrical Data

  • 3 x 400 V, 50/60 Hz ~ 10 kW

Weights & Dimensions

  • 1000 x 2200 x 3280 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight ~ 2,1 t

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