microflex™ series

microflex series

Highest performance bench-top MALDI-TOF MS

Whether it is biomarker discovery, oligonucleotide, small molecule or polymer analysis, or even the innovative fast and reliable identification and classification of microorganisms: The microflex instruments are the perfect instruments to answer questions in clinical proteomics, functional genomics, small molecule, polymer analysis and microbiology.

microflex LT

The routine bench-top MALDI-TOF MS

A compact linear-mode bench-top MALDI-TOF system designed as an easy to use, but high performance solution for basic applications. The microflex LT is integral part of the MALDI Biotyper solution for fast and reliable identification of microorganism.

microflex LRF

The highest performance bench-top MALDI-TOF MS

Equipped with an additional gridless reflectron, the microflex LRF gives superior resolution, excellent mass accuracy, and outstanding sensitivity for a number of applications–performance unequaled by others in this class.

microflex LT system

This affordable, high value bench-top MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer is designed for a number of routine applications in protein and small molecule analysis as well as clinical environments. This instrument benefits from its gridless, self-cleaning ion source providing excellent sensitivity in positive ion mode. Operating under the integrated Compass™ software platform for intuitive operation especially by non-expert users and in multi-instrument laboratories, the linear-mode microflex LT is a robust and easy-to-use system for many clinical and life-science laboratories.

The performance of all Bruker Daltonics’ MALDI platforms can be enhanced with powerful proprietary AnchorChip technology. This technology provides homogeneous, exactly-positioned samples on the MALDI target for robust and rapid automated data collection, as well as up to two orders of magnitude increase in sensitivity.

microflex LRF system

The microflex LRF takes advantage of Bruker Daltonics’ long standing expertise in delivering practical to use, high performance mass spectrometers. The unique design of the microScout ion source, and the gridless reflectron, give the microflex LRF superior resolution, as well as excellent mass accuracy and outstanding sensitivity in positive and negative ion mode.

The microflex LRF represents a step up in performance for a bench-top MALDI platform, while retaining all of the robustness and ease of use of this type of instrument. Superior system performance enables detection of even a broad mass range of small molecule, polymer, protein, and peptide analytes.