Ion Chromatograph


CIC-D120+ion chromatograph is the third generation of SHINE basic intelligent product. The design of the instrument adopts a new concept from appearance to internal structure . It is a fully plasticized reagent-free product, which can be used in many fields such as environmental protection, petrochemical, drinking water, food detection and other conventional and trace detection.

(1)It has the functions of pressure alarm, liquid leakage alarm and eluent alarm to protect the safe operation of the instrument in real time, alarm and shut down when liquid leakage occurs.

(2)The key components of the suppressor and column have real-time monitoring function to ensure the timely replacement of consumables and ensure the stability and accuracy of the instrument operation.

(3)The gas-liquid separator can effectively remove the influence of bubbles on the test.

(4)Standard equipped with SHINE high-performance autosampler, more accurate injection control.

(5) The instrument can be started up in advance according to the setting, and the operator can test directly at the unit.

(6) The software has the baseline deduction function and filtering algorithm to effectively remove the baseline drift caused by gradient elution, and the sample response is more obvious.

(7) Auto-range conductivity detector, ppb-ppm concentration range signal is directly expanded, without adjusting the range.