8500 GC Gas Chromatograph


The SCION 8500 Gas Chromatograph is the most versatile platform, delivering superior performance and productivity for any application.

The 8500 GC is a true master in flexibility. With up to four data outputs, a full portfolio of detectors and inlets, nine EFC controls, the fastest oven in market, and a wide array of options for configuration sampling and valving, it allows for achieving the optimum performance and productivity levels for any type of analytical challenge. For many standard methods and applications we have pre-configured analyzer solutions, and where your application is highly customised or complex our in-house experts can advise on the best configuration for your needs.


  • Ultimate flexibility/configurability.
  • Fast ramping over (150°C/minute)
  • Three channel architecture, with up to 3 injection ports and 4 detectors (including MS)
  • 10″ High resolution full-colour touchscreen, 16 languages supported
  • Electronic Flow Control (EFC), up to 21 channels at 0.001psi resolution.
  • Flexibility to add samplers, valves, valve oven, backflush and column switching capabilities, etc. Programmed and controlled and through CompassCDS