Dual-channel Ion Chromatograph


As a new generation of intelligent dual channel ion chromatograph, CIC-D300 plus is the latest ion chromatograph independently  developed and produced by SHINE in terms of software and hardware. Each channel operates independently at the same time  without mutual interference, realizing the simultaneous detection of cation and anion.

1.10 inch HD touch screen: real time display of flow path and operation status of the instrument;

2.Built-in double membrane eluent generator: no need degassing pipe and capture column, has pressure resistance of 30MPa, simpler flow path and smaller dead volume;

3.Ultra-pure ion purifier: it can purify water online and reduce the water requirements of the instrument, so as to reduce the baseline background and improve the signal-to-noise ratio;

4.Suction sampling system: use peristaltic pump to suck samples to reduce cross pollution at the injection port;

5.The gas-liquid separator will remove most of bubbles entering the flow path, and the constant pressure and low pressure degasser will continuously remove the residual gas dissolved in water;

6.Secondary infusion system: plunger pump and peristaltic pump secondary infusion system, combined with ultra pure on-line purification module and low-pressure gas-liquid separator, provide the most stable infusion scheme for the system.

7.Integral heating and insulation system: multi-point temperature control and overall insulation design are used to deal with extreme environment, and provide eluent preheating for flow path to ensure instrument stability;

8.Powerful safety assurance system: including eluent consumption alarm, liquid leakage alarm, low pressure alarm, overpressure alarm, fault alarm to reduce possible hurt by misoperation.