Multi-functional Ion Chromatograph


CIC-D500+ ion chromatograph, as a new multi-functional ion chromatograph, realizes the modularization of key components such as infusion pump, eluent generator, column oven, conductivity detector, suppressor, etc. The whole machine can be configured optionally. It can not only use conductivity detector, but also use ampere detector or ultraviolet detector at the same time, effectively responding to the needs of high-end customers for multiple detection capabilities of ion chromatograph.

(1)Two-channel system, two channels operate independently without interference with each other, and can analyze sulfur, iodine, sugar and other components while completing anion/cation detection;

(2)The dual-channel autosampler can be equipped with three kinds of detectors. In addition to the conventional conductivity detector, it is also equipped with ultraviolet detector and ampere detector, which is more powerful and has a wider detection range;

(3)Built-in low pressure degassing module can remove the bubble interference in the eluent and make the test more stable;

(4)Intelligent workstation system, with powerful data processing capability and data traceability, is compatible with massive external components.

(5)The eluent generator module can generate anion/cation eluent online to achieve isocratic or gradient elution;

(6)Adapt to the valve switching system of six-way valve and ten-way valve, which can realize online trace detection, and is of great significance for practical detection.