The IFS 125HR is the ultimate instrument for the high resolution IR spectroscopy


Outstanding results in your laboratory

In absorption or emission mode, the IFS 125HR can resolve highly complex spectra into discrete lines for recognition and spectral assignment.

  • Outstanding resolution across the entire spectrum
  • Resolved linewidths of < 0.0009 cm-1
  • Broad spectral range: from 5 cm-1 in the far-IR to > 50,000 cm-1 in the UV
  • Double-sided interferogram acquisition (option)
  • Symmetric line shapes - due to high precision optics
  • Easy range change - every experiment can access different sources and detectors without breaking vacuum.
  • A total of 4 sources and 6 detectors can be accessed through each of two different sample compartments
  • Glide-bearing interferometer with hybrid scanner construction for enhanced velocity stability


New electronics for better data acquisition

The IFS 125HR electronics provides Ethernet connectivity and data acquisition based on the DigitectTM system using 24-bit ADC's integrated with the detector. The standard MIR spectral range can be easily extended to the NIR, visible, or even UV.

IFS 125 HR