The rapifleX® is the most advanced MALDI-TOF/TOF system on the market today

Analysis Speed

Results within minutes



Bruker’s market leading MALDI-TOF system

Make the best decisions in the shortest amount of time with the 10 kHz scanning smartbeam 3D laser, for throughput up to 20 times faster than traditional MALDI-TOF systems.
The adaptable ion optics and class leading laser technology provide the best data quality, regardless of the acquisition mode or mass range.
Ease of use
Get up and running quickly with our intuitive system.
Most robust, yet easy to access ion source enables straightforward cleaning, designed for maximum uptime in 24/7 operations.

MALDI-TOF/TOF adds unique capabilities to protein characterization

With speed in mind, we designed the heart of the rapifleX® MALDI Imaging solution to work up to 20 times faster than traditional MALDI-TOF systems, to meet the increasing requirements of tissue imaging or high-throughput primary screening.

The adaptable ion optics and class leading laser technology provide the best data quality, regardless of the acquisition mode or mass range.

The unprecedented 10 kHz speed and ion source robustness, the wide dynamic range, higher specificity and resolution, all contribute to the detailed


characterization of biologically and clinically relevant lipids, peptides and proteins, raising customer MALDI-TOF/TOF expectations for applications such as:

  • MALDI Imaging
  • MALDI PharmaPulse® high-throughput screening
  • In-depth protein characterization

State of the art technology meets advanced informatics

MALDI rapifleX Application Circle

The Bruker rapifleX® platform offers a complete characterization system with unprecedented speed of analysis and performance

The rapifleX® combines state-of-the-art technology with advanced informatics into a system that gives you speed, robustness, versatility and confidence. The platform offers a complete characterization system with unprecedented speed of analysis and performance.

Speed - highest throughput provides 5-20 times increase in speed

Robustness - User removable ion source for easy cleaning, designed for maximum uptime in 24/7 operations


  • Ion optics adapt to application
  • No compromise, maximum resolution for full molecular weight range
  • Maximized sensitivity for MS and MS/MS analysis
  • MS/MS mass range for large peptides such as glycopeptides, di/trisulfide peptides and difficult non-tryptic peptides
  • Superior resolution for high selectivity in complex mixtures
  • Supreme precursor ion selection for confidence in MS/MS data quality
  • High dynamic range
True pixels – the smartbeam 3D laser features a mode which leads to true squared pixels, harnessing more tissue and ultimately increasing sensitivity.
Complete solutions for:

MALDI MS/MS performance at a new level: mass range up to m/z 8000

MALDI provides single charged ions and fragment ions of molecules that are difficult to analyze using ESI. Non-tryptic peptides can be well analyzed by MALDI MS/MS. Spectra that are otherwise difficult to analyze and inspect can be easily interpreted, such as MS/MS spectra of glycopeptides or disulfide/trisulfide linked peptides. Top-Down spectra of proteins as large as intact antibodies can be automatically interpreted.


MS/MS analysis of glycopeptides

Glycopeptide analysis is an important step in quality control of recombinant antibodies. The high precursor selection resolution and isotopically resolved fragments over the mass range enables the characterization of non-tryptic or hydrophobic peptide. The speed of MALDI analysis allows for faster batch releases for your production workflows.


Cetuximab Fd-chain glycopeptide: Peptide sequence and glycan are identified from a single spectrum – get the full picture with BioPharma Compass®

Best Top-Down and Middle-Down Analysis available: get the highest sequence coverage at the shortest analysis time from intact proteins

Top-down sequencing at a new level: optimized MALDI laser for high performance top-down protein sequencing and the high resolution provide for unmatched sequence analysis of intact proteins. Terminal modification status and sequence assessment, full protein sequence confirmation and sequence error curation are usual applications.


MALDI In-Source Decay Middle-Down mass spectrum of Cetuximab Fd-chain, PNGase F treated: the entire sequence of the 25 kDa IgG subunit was confirmed from a single spectrum.

MS/MS for protein sequence verification

Top-down sequencing of proteins with outstanding sequence coverage allowing the unambiguous identification of modifications, like disulfide/trisulfide analysis via LC-MALDI, and mutation sites.

rapifleX Verification

Top-down sequencing spectrum

Accelerating Drug Discovery and Screening

rapifleX Plate Reading

Full 1536 plate reading in less than 8 minutes

The new rapifleX® MALDI PharmaPulse®  is the first solution to offer the speed, specificity and robustness required for large primary screens in drug discovery:

  • The integrated automation solution can process 1536 target plates in less than 9 minutes ~ 0.3 sec/sample
  • Up to 100 times less solvent than multi-plexed LC/SPE-MS systems
  • No need for SPE cartridges or HPLC columns
  • Label-free detection accelerates and simplifies assay development and avoids interferences from artifacts
  • Extremely low sample volumes required for detection (typically ~1 μL) enables single well kinetic readouts which can reduce the total number of assays required

Tissuetyping at ease and speed

The rapifleX® MALDI Tissuetyper® is the complete solution for MALDI Imaging.

  • Fastest acquisition with up to 40 pixel/second
  • Superior image quality
  • Integration of histology
  • Comprehensive software for the interpretation of large tissue-based biomarker studies

rapifleX MALDI Imaging Rat Brain

Proteins in sagittal rat brain section measured at 30μm pixel size, ~150000 pixel.

MS Software

BioPharma Compass®

The BioPharma Compass® solution provides automated, fast and reliable characterization of biologics. It is a wizard-driven, workflow-based software platform, suitable for mass spectrometry experts and routine users alike.


The simplicity of the MALDI-TOF MS analysis offers straightforward data processing using the PolyTools software solution, producing polymer structural information for synthesis and quality control in minutes.