SENTERRA Raman микроскоп

SENTERRA Dispersive Raman Microscope

The SENTERRA is a high performance Raman microscope spectrometer designed for the most demanding analytical and research applications. Its most important innovation is certainly its internal continuous calibration as it ensures highest wavenumber accuracy without the need for calibrations with external standards.

SENTERRA Dispersive Raman Microscope

The SENTERRA microscope combines the sensitivity of the dispersive Raman technology and the wavelength accuracy of the Fourier transform Raman spectroscopy.

Compact and Rugged Design

Most commercial Raman microscopes employ spectrometers that are separate from the microscope. Therefore, alignment and maintenance of these devices is time-consuming. SENTERRA integrates a multi-laser Raman spectrometer between the reflected light illuminator and the binocular of the microscope. SENTERRA's compact design provides a short beam path, which increases sensitivity and makes it more robust and stable.

Тhe SENTERRA combines numerous novel and several patented features:

  • Continuous calibration with SureCal®
  • Compact design with spectrometer included in the microscope
  • Multiple wavelengths: 1064 nm, 785 nm, 633 nm, 532 nm and 488 nm
  • High performance confocal depth profiling with FlexFocus
  • Open architecture version for the study of larger samples (e.g. in art) with high lateral resolution
  • Inverted version for the investigation of living cells


Optical Microscopy

As the SENTERRA is based on the Olympus BX series optical microscope, all the necessary tools for sample visualization and contrast enhancements such as Koehler bright and dark field illumination, polarized light, Nomarski differential interference contrast (DIC), fluorescence and many others are available.

SureCal® Continuous Automatic Calibration

Stability is a crucial issue for both research applications for highly accurate determination of band shifts and routine identification in the QA/QC laboratories. SENTERRA is the first Raman microscope to provide hassle-free operation. SureCal® automatically calibrates the system to better than 0.1cm-1 accuracy and precision without the need for daily wavelength calibrations or user intervention of any kind. Click here to read more about SureCal®.

FlexFocus: Confocal Raman Spectroscopy on Demand

SENTERRA offers a novel method that provides the necessary flexibility to conduct Raman microanalysis without compromise. FlexFocus utilizes a hybrid aperture containing an array of pinholes and slits serving as the entrance aperture of the spectrograph, providing a diversity of high throughput settings for true confocal or non-confocal measurements. Click here to read more about FlexFocus

SENTERRA with open architecture
for analysis of large samples

Z-Stage for Large Sample Analysis

For larger samples the SENTERRA can be configured as an open architecture microscope. As the dimension of the sample is not longer hindered by the microscope frame, this configuration is very useful for analyzing paintings and ancient books. The spatial resolution power of the SENTERRA in this configuration is not changed and even confocal measurements are still possible.

Inverted setup of the SENTERRA

Inverted Confocal Raman Microscope

The Senterra is available as an upright and inverted confocal Raman microscope. The inverted setup is ideal for biochemical applications such as living cell examination featuring full Raman capabilities with confocal Raman mapping and depth profiling or multiple laser excitation. The inverted design of the optical microscope provides convenient access from the top as required for biological investigations. In addition full functionality for optical image contrast enhancement of an inverted microscope such as darkfield, polarization, fluorescence or DIC is assured.

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