mq-one Seed Analyzer XL

Dependable Oil and Moisture Analysis

Bruker presents the newest member of the mq-one series: the minispec mq-one Seed Analyzer XL or in short the mq-one XL. Oil and moisture in seeds are analyzed according to international standard methods. Beside seeds press cake and residues after extraction can be analyzed too.

Moreover the mq-one XL offers all the well-known advantages of the mq-one series:

  • Easy sample preparation, no milling or grinding
  • High accuracy and reproducibility, about 2 to 3 fold better than wet chemistry or competing technologies
  • No dependency on colour, surface, penetration depth
  • The whole sample is analyzed, not only the surface
  • Very high short and long term stability
  • Multilingual miniPlus software, 21 CFR part 11 compliant
  • Package containing tubes and IRMM rape seed reference samples also suitable for validation
  • Small footprint, low noise, low energy consumption

100 ml sample volume results in representative sampling even for semi homogenous and inhomogeneous samples like sunflower seeds. Sample weight can be directly transferred from a connected balance to the PC respectively the minispec control software. The analysis of oil and moisture is done simultaneously and takes only about 30 seconds. The mq-one XL offers an optimal price-performance ratio and provides outmost stability thanks to the fact that all electronics are located in the temperature-stabilized mq-one housing.

The mq-one XL fully supports the following international standard methods:

  • AOCS Ak4-95
  • ISO 10565 and ISO 10632
  • GIPSA: FGIS 00-101 and GIPSA: FGIS 2013-050

Seed Analyzer mq-one XL Specification

Oil and Moisture Determination (according to International Norms)

AOCS Ak4-95, ISO 10565, ISO 10632, GIPSA: FGIS 00-101, GIPSA: FGIS 2013-050

NMR Frequency & Experiments

7.5 MHz; FID, Spin Echo, Solid Echo etc.

Typical Application

Oil and Moisture in Seeds, Residues, Presscake and Nuts

Measurement Volume

100 ccm, sample grinding not necessary

Magnet Design

AlNiCo alloy permanent magnet

Magnet Field Shimming

Passive only, active shimming not required

Magnet Temperature

40°C nominal, other temperature on request

System‘s Temperature Stabilization

Automatic, PID setting, to within 0.005°C

Compact Footprint

47 x 60 cm

Fast Ethernet

100 Mbit/s to mq-one

WLAN & Intranet

Direct WLAN/Internet to mq-one (optional)

Power Consumption during steady state

< 40 W

Acoustic Noise

< 39 dB(A)