minispec mq Contactless Check Weighing

Contactless Check Weighing in Pharmaceutical Production


Contactless Check Weighing (CCW) by the minispec is attracting more and more attention because of its matchless advantages for pharmaceutical production giving rise to optimized control of the filling lines. The bench-top minispec mq CCW utilizes TD-NMR, a magnetic resonance technology similar to MRI.

The pharmaceutical product is filled into syringes, vials or ampoules to a certain mass or volume, a quantity which has to be carefully controlled. The common method is weighing via a balance, which, for obvious reasons, is a two-step process

CCW: Ease of Calibration

CCW Calibration Curve

Calibration of the instrument is simply done by using empty vials or syringes and adding different amounts of the product of interest (see Figure). The calibration curve is highly linear in nature, since the higher the mass, the higher the signal of the minispec.

The CCW approach is unique because of:

  • One-Step Check Weighing
  • Through-Packaging measurement of the pharmaceutical compound (solid and liquid)
  • Equally well applicable to glass and plastic syringes, vials and ampoules
  • Non-Destructive Method, sample is available for further checks (integrity and API content)
  • Easy and straighforward calibration (see below)
  • Small footprint TD-NMR System (bench-top), maintenance free
  • 21CFRpart11 compliant front-end software with optional LIMS interfacing
  • IQ and OQ support

Coming soon.