minispec mq7.5 Large Seed Analyzer

Dependable Oil and Moisture Analysis in Large Seeds

Why using the minispec mq7.5 for example for sunflower or castor seeds? It's all about representative sampling of the harvested seeds. Sunflower or castor seeds are highly inhomogeneous, thus, representative sampling requires a large sample volume.

The mq7.5 Large Seed Analyzer combines such a large volume with an unparalleled high measurement frequency. The higher the frequency, the better the signal-to-noise and precision, or, in other words, the shorter the measurement time.

The Ease of an Official Method

The minispec mq7.5 Large Seed Analyzer provides the method of choice for precise and simultaneous oil and moisture determination in large seeds and nuts. It is fully compliant to the official US GIPSA method.

Looking for Seed Breeding Solutions?

For R&D on seeds, referred to as seed breeding programs, the revers of a large sample volume applies: The sample is just a single seed.

The perfect solution is provided by the minispec mq20 or the unique mq40. In case of the latter, the sample volume is less than 1 ml ! Thus, well optimized to accommodate a single seed, while the very high frequency of 40 MHz ensures the best possible signal-to-noise ratio.

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