Sample Vials and Caps

Vials and Vial Caps for GC and HPLC


Sample Vials and Caps

SCION Instruments offers a range of chromatography sample vials and vial caps, from the regular 2ml autosampler vials up to 40 ml EPA vials. These are available in different materials (including magnetic), a selection of clear glass and amber glass, screw top, or crimp vials, and writing labels for sample information.

SCION Instruments chromatography vials and vial caps have been certified & tested to be used with 8300 and 8500 series GC and MS (SQ & TQ) equipped with an autosampler (8400Pro, 8410Pro, CTC, EST, HTA) and LC 6000 Series.

Full details are available to download in the Documents section below.