MALDI-TOF performance in true benchtop format. Using minimum lab space. Silent operation

Seamless switching between positive and negative ionization modes. Smartbeam laser technology providing MALDI speed and efficiency.


Robust and trustworthy technique

Speed & versatility of MALDI-TOF
in true benchtop format
smartfleX provides the speed and versatility of MALDI-TOF in true benchtop format providing reliable answers to essential questions. Instantly.
Positive/negative ion mode
smartfleX provides access to 100% of the MALDI analyte space by offering both positive and negative ion mode without any limitations.
Ease of use & proven robustness
The smartflex is the most easy to use MALDI-TOF system on the market providing proven robustness. IR laser based automated source cleaning minimizes instrument down-time ensuring worry-free operation.
Bruker smartbeam laser technology
smartfleX benefits from Bruker´s unique smartbeam laser technology for enhanced sensitivity in the detection of a wide range of analytes ranging from small molecules up to intact proteins.

Meet the demands of today’s analytical laboratories

  • Flexibility
  • Effective and worry-free operation
  • Positive and negative ionization modes
  • Large variety of compounds detectable
  • Wide mass range addressable

Flexibility that helps your sample analysis

The integration of both ionization modes into the smartfleX greatly improves the range of analyte types which can be measured with the smartfleX.

The intuitive operation of the smartfleX will establish a higher productivity instantly. Your routine applications such as quality control or compound mass verification can be mastered with this conveniently silent MALDI system.

All that power is integrated into a 75 kg benchtop system using a minimum of lab space generating a maximum of output. Our known whisper mode makes working with the smartfleX a genuinely comfortable experience.

smartfleX operator

Seamless polarity switching controlled by the software

The smartfleX provides access to the complete MALDI analyte space in positive and negative ion mode for analysis of a broad variety of samples.

Solve your daily challenges quickly with instant answers. Glycan analysis needs both ionization modes to reveal the entire complexity.

Polymer QC with the smartfleX

Seamless data analysis with PolyTools software allows for efficient determination of polymer characteristics.

PolyTools automatically calculates Mn, Mw and end groups. A variety of result displays, including Kendrick mass plots, facilitate convenient spectra interpretation. Parameter sets can be easily customized for specific polymers enabling recurring routine QC batch analysis.

Quality Control the fast way!

Analysing hundreds or thousands of samples a day is a challenge QC laboratories face. Incoming goods need to be checked, a variety of compound classes such as peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides or lipids need to be addressed.

With the smartfleX QC has never been easier. Compound molecular weights are verified instantly and multiple critical quality attribute (QCAs) can be automatically assessed and reported using a traffic light report to accelerate data analysis in the BioPharma Compass software.